How to import users from a file?

Prepare the file to import users

No matter the file is exported from your database or is typed by yourself, it should be modified to match the request format of the import file.

Request format:
(You may find a template file from BigAnt Administration > Import and Export > Import Users > Import from File > View template of users import > download)

Note: you will need to do following when modify your import file

  • Modify the dept. path as parent dept./sub-dept. (eg. Marketing/Manager)
  • Keep 11 columns in total
  • Do not change the order of each column
  • Enter users data (just leave it blank if no data for those optional columns)
  • Do not remove the top two rows in blue color (for excel only)
  • Save the text file into utf-8 format (for text file only)

Import users from the file

  1. Launch the BigAnt Admin console, go to the page Users/OU management, find the option Import Users from the drop down list of Import and Export
  2. Select the source data as Import from a file, then next
  3. Choose the Excel type, and select your import file (make sure the file is not open or in use), then next
  4. Check all dept. and sub-dept., then click the button Begin to import
  5. When the import complete, you can back to the OU management to see if all users listed.