Problem: Failed to activate the BigAnt server console

Situation 1

Error code: Failed to Connect Port 6099 Connection refused

Reason1: It is because the UpApiServer was not running.

Solution1: Kindly please do following checks

  1. Please confirm if your BigAnt server console was installed on a 64-bit based system, as the 32-bit system is not supported
  2. Please go to your server machine and check with Services named with prefix "up" such as UpApiServer, UpLoginServer.... make sure the service status are "started" and startup type is "Automatic" then go back to IM server console > System Diagnose and try to start all the services, see if this will help...
  3. Turn off your windows firewall to see if helps.

Reason2: It may be because some previous version was installed, and wasn't clear removed before installing the new BigAnt 5.

Solution2: Please try following steps

  1. open your system Task Manager > Services
  2. find services named with prefix 'Ant' and manually stop them
  3. open Program and Features list, remove the IM console or BigAnt console.
  4. Go to the installation folder and remove the entire BigAntSoft folder
  5. Reinstall the BigAnt console 5 and it should work for activation

Situation 2

Error code: Failed to connect to port 6099: bad access

Reason: It maybe the McAfee virus protection was blocking the port access.

Solution: Please try to disable your anti-virus program and you may get the activation to take. And try to allow the Up*.exe files in the rules config.

Situation 3

Error code: UI does not return with a value

Reason: It may be because you were trying to activate with your machine code and company ID instead of the activation code.

Solution: Please try to activate it with your license code/activation code. If you don't have one, please contact us with your machine code and company ID for a free license, or purchase licenses online as you required.

Situation 4

Error code: Incorrect Company ID

Reason: Your company activation code doesn't match your current company ID. Please note, each time when you reinstall the BigAnt sever console, your company ID will be changed.

Solution: Please contact us with your update machine code and company ID to get your update license code.