How to config Bulletin at the first time?

Set Permissions for Bulletin

Prior to release a bulletin on client side, it is needed to set permissions of Bulletin first on BigAnt Administration.

  1. Launch BigAnt console > login as Admin
  2. Go to App Management > My Application > Click Console on the record of Bulletin
  3. Select Permissions > click the plus icon of everyone from the Role list
  4. Check Add a bulletin and Manage bulletins
  5. Save Settings, and now everyone can add a bulletin from client side.

Limit bulletin for some users

Create roles from security management to decide who can release a bulletin. Select a role from the right list in the bulletin console, and assign the permission to add a bulletin or to manage bulletins.

See article on finding roles settings entry.

View Bulletin on client side

When click on the bulletin from client side, it will show following screen:

View bulletin manager from client side