How to change BigAnt ports

Please try following steps to change your BigAnt Server ports to 7771-7779, please contact us if you wish to change to use a different port other than 777x, email us:

  1. Stop all BigAnt services from your system Services.
  2. Please download the service IP configuration file from following link:
    In witch there are 9 folders, 13 files, need to be copied to BigAnt server directory, and overwrite files in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\BigAntSoft\IM Console\im_server\im_common\
    Please check the number of files overwrote should be 13.
  3. Launch your BigAnt console, and in system diagnose change the server port as below
  4. Start all BigAnt services in System services.

Now your BigAnt system ports are changed to 777x, please also revise your BigAnt client network settings to match this change.