How to request connection between two servers


I have a question about BigAnt server.

We have 2 locations and we want to install BigAnt server in each location. But then want the 2 servers to be able to communicate with each other. Both servers will be connected through a vpn connection.

So a User from Location A can chat with a User from Location B but it's not over the internet and it doesn't require a large vpn network only 2 servers that communicate with each other and pass the messages to other locations and internally.


The function Center Server option in BigAnt is designed to provide a solution for your request. However, this feature is not very strong and stable; it's still in beta version.

The connection looks like: A --- center server --- B

  • 1) Setup a separate BigAnt server on both A and B. Users in location A can communicate with each other by connecting to server A, so is location B.
  • 2) Setup a center server. The communication between A and B will be created by access the center server