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User List

If you create user accounts from Users/User List, please remember to assign a department or your company to this user, otherwise it won't be shown in other users' contact list. They may listed as users at the level of OU, in which level only company/department can be shown in contact list, thus those new users are all invisible, unless they are moved into a certain department.

In-application update for client

This function is not very stable, please test it prior implement to your production server, if any problem, let us konw.

Please contact us for the update file AntUpdate.zip, and upload it to your BigAnt console/System Tools/Install updates.

When launch the client, it will auto download the update file and start to update with your click to confirm. Please note this in-app update is only functional for BigAnt 5 upgrade, not for downgrade, not for BigAnt 4 to 5.

MSI Installer

We can provide an msi installer of the BigAnt client, please just send us login settings: your server IP and the port (6091 by default). And we will then create the MSI installer for you to distribute to clients, the network settings of them are preliminary saved as your provided server/port information. Much easier for BigAnt Messenger install and setup.

Password Validation with AD/LDAP server

To validate user login password on your AD, you may need to Import users from AD first, and Enable Domain (AD) Validation in your BigAnt console/System Settings/Password Validation.

Video/audio option

Video/Audio option is not supported yet. We're working on it and will release it in future releases.

Notifications of new message

Popup notification of new message is available, and is enabled by default on the client.

The popup notification window won't be closed until you open the new message

Sound alert is also available and enabled by default.

You can change the settings by clicking the button looks like a gear in BigAnt main panel, then find options in Message, and Sound