Setup with Embedded database

This is an instruction on installing BigAnt server with Embedded database

Select Embedded database

Click the button Next and begin to check the system environment

Checklist of system environment

  • If all items are checked OK, shown with green check, then you can go to next step.
  • If error detected, shown as red cross, there must be something wrong with your installation or your system. Just close the current browser of installation window, uninstall the IM Console, and try again to install the program. If the problem continues, please capture the screen and send us for technical support.

Create your company

Complete your company information: your company name and contact Email, then click Next button


Just wait a minute while installing database and initializing data.

BigAnt Server Setup is complete

Now you've finished the setup. You may click OK button to open the BigAnt Administration console, or double click the icon of IM Console on the desktop to open BigAnt Administration Console later.