Failed to Login from BigAnt client

Please do following checks:

  1. Make sure all BigAnt services are running
    Launch your BigAnt console > click on the option Service Diagnose > confirm the status is running in service list

  2. Double-check if network settings are correct:
    Company code: default
    IP/domain: (your server IP)
    Port: 6091

  3. Do a ping test from your client to server machine

  4. Do a telnet test, to make sure your server port 6091 is accessable

  5. Switch off your windows firewall to have a try again.

  6. If you're having trouble allowing other computers to communicate with your server, you may have to make settings to let bigant program should be allowed through the firewall for the machines to communicate.
    To get started, please go to "Control Panel"; and then click "Windows Firewall"; or use the shortcut and select "Allow a program through Windows Firewall". Next click "Change setting", and select or add our bigant programs (antzoo.exe and antbiz.exe) to allow through the firewall. Don't forget the network on which the program is running (Private or Public) and select both.
    Following is the default path of antzoo.exe and antbiz.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BigAntSoft\IM Console\im_server\antGo\proxy\antzoo.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BigAntSoft\IM Console\im_server\antGo\antbiz.exe