Message History

With BigAnt, all messages are logged on both server and client, we understand issue tracking is important for business. Searching message or tracing conversation is convenient, which can be performed as follows:

Search a message

To search a message with key words in archived conversation, please do as follows.

  1. Go to BigAnt main panel
  2. Click Main Menu, and mouse over History
  3. Click Message manager to open the message library
  4. Here you can find all conversations, browse message history and search target message record


  • Browse the entire conversation with someone by selecting contact from left side.
  • If searching result is empty, please try to switch to a different month, this helps narrow down searching results.

Trace message history

  1. In chat window, click History button in message box to open message history
  2. Switch date from calendar to browse message history in that day
  3. Click Files Records tab next to History to view files in the conversation
  4. Click close icon next to History to close the history window