Custom Emoticon

Who can use this feature?

This feature is only available for Pro version.

Sometime, an emoticon can express more about your attitude than words. Besides BigAnt system emoticon, you can also enrich emoticons from chat window.

Add emoji to your BigAnt message

You can use emoji in your message by selecting from the emoji menu

  1. Open a chat window
  2. Click Insert Emoticon icon in the message box to open emoji menu
  3. Browse the group of emoji
  4. Click your chosen emoji. It will be added to your message.

Create custom emoji

Crestfallen by the lack of a certain emoji? Fret no more: Whatever your emoji needs, your team can make it happen with custom emoji.

  1. Click Insert Emoticon, then Customize to open my emoticons
  2. Click the custom icon at bottom right corner to open menu list
  3. And click 'Add Emoticon' to choose your package

Note: Following format are supported to be added as emoticons: .png, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg and .gif