Bulletin message manager

A place to manage all bulletin messages: to view unread bulletin, to archive all bulletin, and even to release a new bulletin.

Unread bulletin messages

Browse unread bulletins here

  1. Go to BigAnt main panel
  2. Click the bulletin icon next to your avatar to open the bulletin manager
  3. Your unread bulletins will be listed with green dot beside the title and the release date. You can browse unread bulletins here
  4. Just click the title to open bulletin content. You can see the publisher, the department it comes from, release date and recipients
  5. View content and download attachment at the end
  6. You can even open the browser record to view who’s seen it, or comment/reply the current bulletin. Every recipient can see your comments.

    All bulletin messages

  1. Click All bulletins in bulletin manager to open all messages
  2. The title with green dot means unread message, and those with grey dot are read.
  3. You can use the search function at upper right corner to locate a history bulletin
  4. Once open a bulletin content, you can click 'All bulletins' at left side bar to back to the bulletin list

Tip: Here’s how to Release a bulletin