About Groups and Discussions

About Groups and Discussions

You can use BigAnt to contact anyone in your team. But sometimes, a group is useful for a quick, private conversation between you and other members to talk about topics in BigAnt: projects, deals, deliveries, financials, cat GIFs, and more.

A Discussion is a lite group without group owner or group admin. Anyone inside the discussion can invite other member to join.

When to use a Group or a discussion

Groups are for conversations that are open to all members inside group. Members invited to this group are for a same purpose, and won’t be changed frequently. A group is usually for a section in big size, or a stable group of people.

Discussions are best used for topics that are limited to a very small group of members. Conversations inside discussions are more flexible.

Who can join a Group or a Discussion

Groups or Discussions can be joined by invitation only. See Invite members to a Group/Discussion for more.