Sign in to BigAnt

Sure, you need to sign in before you can chat with others, it could be frustrating if you are unable to login. Just follow instructions below:

Sign in your BigAnt account

  1. Run BigAnt client, you will see BigAnt Messenger login page
  2. Enter your Account and Password
  3. Click Network settings in bottom right corner
  4. Enter your Company Code, Server address and Port then click save button. Company Code is abbreviation of your organization/company, which is preset by your BigAnt administrator, please ask your Admin for exact Company Code.
  5. Click Sign In. Now you can chat with your teammates

Tip:  Those information Company Code, Server address and Port can be obtained from your IT BigAnt Administrator.

Tip for Admin: Are you tired of entering network information for every user? Such information can be preset in BigAnt client installer, see how to distribute BigAnt client with network settings.


If you see error messages like following, it usually means the information you input is incorrect.

Invalid user: There's a mistake in your Account. It could be a typo, or the wrong account. Double-check that it's the same account that your BigAnt administrator assigned for you.

Domain doesn’t exist: There’s a mistake in your Company Code. You can open Network from bottom right corner to correct the Company Code. If you are not sure about that, just contact your BigAnt admin to get your Company Code. The Company Code is created by admin when new a BigAnt team, and won’t be changed.

Server access failure/always connecting: There’s a mistake in IP or Port. If you are not sure for that, just contact your BigAnt admin. IP/Port is used to connect to your BigAnt server, and usually won’t be changed.

How to distribute BigAnt client with network settings

To preset network settings in BigAnt client, please follow steps below:

  1. Download the installation package of BigAnt client, find it in or click here to download it.
  2. Rename the .exe file as following format. Replace the texts colored in red as your BigAnt system settings:
    Replace "default" as your BigAnt company code, and leave it as default if you do not know.
    Replace example IP as real IP address of your BigAnt server.
    Replace example port 6091 as real port number of your BigAnt server.
  3. Simply distribute this .exe file to your clients, after the installation, it will automatically initiate BigAnt network settings, and users can easily log-in BigAnt with their user account and password.