What is Net Send?

Net Send command is a messaging service provided by Microsoft allows users to sends messages to other users, computers, or messaging names on the network. Messenger Service should be started on user's computer.

How does Net Send command work?

1) The syntax of the Net Send command
net send {name | * | /domain[:name] | /users} message

2) The third party Net Send application.

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What other programs can be used to exchange messages?

Net Send command/third party application Disadvantages BigAnt LAN instant messengerAdvantages
Messaging service required Setup LAN messenger takes less than 5minutes
Cannot show user availability View user availability clearly
Message length limited No limit of message length, font, extra emoticons
Complex net send command that inconvenient for everyone User-friendly interface, no learning curve; Start conversation in one click
Only for Windows XP and Home edition Support all Windows OS, even the latest Win 7
Security and privacy concerns All data transmitted are strongly encrypted

Spam or useless information maybe distributed

Guards against viruses and other network security risks
No reliable message delivery system View message delivery status in real time; New message arriving alert
Cannot view others' reply in real time Fast, instant response
Lack of administration Everything is under IT department's control
No group chat/chat room Support multiple chat in the same chat window
Cannot transfer file Exchange file or folder easily
No centralized data storage Centralized data/history message storage
Basically send message/notification to all/selected users Professional bulletin message board;