BigAnt for BlackBerry can be deployed through BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software.

Things you need: a PC, the Desktop Manager software, USB lead

  • Step 1 Download BigAnt for BlackBerry from Save it to your PC;
  • Step 2 Unzip the, you will find the files as screenshot below;

  • Step 3 Connect BlackBerry to your PC with the USB lead;
  • Step 4 Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software;
  • Step 5 Click Application Loader from the main menu;

  • Step 6 In the Add / Remove applications window, click Start button;

  • Step 7 Click Browse button to locate and import BigAnt.alx

  • Step 8 You will see BigAnt has been added to the Application Loader, click Next button

  • Step 9 Click Finish button