BigAnt Messenger is C/S, client/server structured program

This means you are able to setup this IM program on secure LAN/WAN/VPN networks, with flexible and powerful administration, fast and efficient connections...

This program is administrator friendly, easy to configure and with powerful server console

With server console you can:

  • Configure server IP/Ports ...
  • Manage accounts: add/delete/group...
  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Store and look up chat history
  • Client allow/disallow options

Your colleagues will find BigAnt messenger not replaceable

With over 10 years of services, BigAnt messenger has now grown as one of leading enterprise IM providers, with hundreds thousands of loyal users, globally.

BigAnt messenger client is easy of use, no training required

BigAnt Client featured with:

  • Messaging of texts, voice, files and folder
  • One on one talk, group chat, broadcasting
  • Voice or Video chat, video conference
  • Live chat that can be embedded on website
  • Remote desktop assistance (Pro only)
  • Document share and collaboration (Pro only)

Continue with your job at any time and any where

With BigAnt messenger mobile version, you can send/receive internal messages when you are not in office, both Android and iOS are supported

BigAnt mobile makes the communication seamless, easier and more efficient

  • BigAnt mobile has a clean and neat look
  • Sending instant and offline message
  • Sending files between users, or devices
  • Sending voice messages, no hassle