An instant messaging solution for your enterprise

  • Deploy on Local Server, Enjoy Self-hosted Chat
  • High-performance server, supports over 1 million concurrent users

Easy of use, no training required

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BigAnt Client featured with:

  • Messaging of texts, voice, files and folder
  • One on one talk, group chat, broadcasting
  • LDAP/AD authentication supported
  • Remote desktop sharing (Pro only)
  • Document share and collaboration (Pro only)

Communicate at anytime and anywhere

BigAnt mobile makes the communication easier, seamless and more efficient

  • Both Android and iOS are supported
  • Sending instant and offline message
  • Sending files between users, or devices
  • Sending voice messages, no hassle typing

BigAnt Messenger is C/S, client/server structured program

This program is administrator friendly, easy to configure and with powerful server console

With server console you can:

  • Configure server IP/Ports ...
  • Manage accounts: add/delete/group...
  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Store and look up chat history
  • Client allow/disallow options

Designed for Work

Not only a chatting tool, but also a collaboration solution

Message Logging
& Notification
  • All text and file transmission messages are logged on both client and server side, which makes things traceable. And, messages delivery via BigAnt is firmly assured - you even be notified when your contact is back to his seat and read your message.
Screen Sharing
& Remote Control
  • IT engineers in your company would love to use this feature, as they can help you out in case there are something wrong with your computer system, and it also gives you the opportunity of fully accessing your computer when you are out of office.
Hosting BigAnt on
Your Own Server
  • BigAnt is a born on-premises program, this allows you to build high availability independent LAN/WAN messenger, and this gives you full control over your data. BigAnt server also provides SAAS entry, this is a total solution for both front and back ends.
Organization Structure
& Divisions
  • BigAnt makes it easy to add bulk contacts in the BigAnt user list, simply import users from your existing active directory or LDAP, or import users from a pre-saved address book. In BigAnt client main panel, all contacts are clearly listed as your organization chart, finding a contact is easier than ever.
Military class security
  • All BigAnt messages travel over network are encrypted using AES256, which meets military standard. And the user account and log-in system meets HIPPA spirit. It is secure to access BigAnt when you are connecting to WiFi in airport, hotel or cafe house.
Organized conversations
  • Your admin can assign a Team for workshop, and yourself as a member can Group your people for task forces, or simply Discuss with them. Find your Team/Group/Discussion in BigAnt and have fun in your work.

Why BigAnt?

During the last decade, thousands of satisfied users in more than 25 countries use BigAnt messenger for internal communication needs.


"BigAnt is great! I installed the whole IM in our local network, and in less than 10 minutes, now all my people are connected!"-- Rebekah Egresites, RBC Capital Markets LLC
"I downloaded and tried Big Ant, which met the MSSQL and AD integration requirements beautifully, good job!" -- John Griffin, Spectrum Housing Group
"Bigant is amazing, it brought to my company the confidence to communicate with the peace of mind, knowing that all communication is going through a server that is seating on our office and encrypted it is amazingly confortable. We make any change as we like and at any time and place.
Bigant support team are great, I think they don't sleep, I just love them, they are always ready to give us a hand whenever we need and at no time, thanks and please keep up the great work.
I looked and tested many communication solutions, but I am seating and still Trusting Bigant for 10 Solid years Now." -- Simao Nhanga, CEH, CHFI, Security researcher - Cimani Lda &

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