With BigAnt Office messenger, text messages and files travel over network are all protected with strong stream RC4 encryption, using complicated RSA public/private key exchanges, plus dedicate and centralized IM server, this is ideal enterprise-level instant messaging network inside your company, on instant messaging server you can manage:

Account Management

Create users in visible Organizational Structure, multilevel hierarchy of departments and divisions of employees. You can add/delete user groups or change user from one group to another one. And then, user will see same structured user list from BigAnt Office Messenger.

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Role and permissions

Administrator can specify who can talk to the CEO or supervisor, also you can control whether users are allowed to send file, start meeting, video chat, and assign access/modify permissions to company documents by using BigAnt Document Management, etc.

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Active Directory/LDAP integration

Has dozens to hundreds of users? No worry, you can import users list from existing AD/LDAP within a few seconds; Import accounts by choosing Organizational Units (OU) or by Groups or by specified users. AD authentication is optional, and new added users will be synchronized in real time.

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Message Logging & Archiving

Centralized stores history message and file transfer archives on a centralized IM server. Administrator can view/search/print/delete history message for record needs;

Configuration and Monitor

Start, stop, or restart instant messaging server. Administrator can configure settings on client side, send broadcast message, branding messenger client with company logo and name. Also you can get a clear view of all users presence status, keep a record of users login and log out information.

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Rebranding program logos

Rebrand BigAnt Office Messenger client program and use your company name on top of BigAnt client window, and your own logo in the biggest bottom banner, set default company avatar for users, all this can be done on IM server side, when users connect to the instant messaging server, the pictures will be automatically changed.

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